Business Continuity Preparedness

Business Continuity Preparedness

Vital Computing, LLC can help you and your staff implement your business continuity plans in the following ways:

  • Implement VPN technologies to help your staff work from home

  • Migrate employee shared files to shared Cloud storage accessible from anywhere

  • Enable secure employee remote access to company email, instant messaging, and virtual meeting tools

  • Implement Cloud-based identity management services that are not tied to on-site server resources

  • Migrate users to fully cloud-enabled work and collaboration solutions like Google GSuite

  • Implement a Cloud-hosted VoIP phone service that allows your phone system to work from anywhere there is Internet access. Your employees can use the office phone system from home -- just as if they are in the office.

Don't let business-affecting events bring your operations to a halt. Engage us to assist you with enabling work-from-anywhere solutions for your employee workforce.

If working from home is part of your business continuity plan, don't wait until the last minute to contact us for assistance. Now is the time to make sure your work-remotely resources are in place.