Case Studies

Case Study #1

Guiding A Non-Profit Toward Efficient Technology

The situation: This small non-profit organization had four staff members using outdated computers, and the organization had no systematic budgeting to deal with the technology problems they encountered. With no consistency between users and no budget for new computers and other technology, the organization became concerned that their level of technology was not reflective their true professionalism.

The solution: The organization turned to Vital Computing for help. The team at Vital Computing helped the non-profit develop a plan to replace computers every three years, using a leasing program. Implementing a customized managed IT system, Vital Computing was able to detect and solve small issues before they became big issues. The organization standardized its operations by using Google Workspace for collaboration while working remotely and in the office.

Outcomes: With technology on a regular replacement cycle, this non-profit has what it needs to reflect the professionalism that defines them. The use of improved technology has led to improved security and efficiency. The employees can now collaborate easily with one another and with key stakeholders. By using a budgeting system for technology, they can plan for updates and maintain modern technology.

Case Study #2

Guiding a Small Business Through Growing Pains

The situation: A business owner ran a solo endeavor and encountered a series of roadblocks including a hard drive crash. Substantial growth led to "growing pains" including the need for automatic updates and integrated email systems. As a company reliant on technology, the owner was unable to meet the demands of business ownership and technology management. 

The solution: The owner reached out to Vital Computing while experiencing the hard drive crash. The team at Vital Computing worked to help the owner establish a Lenovo lease. As the company grew, Vital Computing assumed responsibility for regular updates and assisted with new technology purchases. 

Outcomes: The company continued to grow with the support of Vital Computing helping them navigate important decisions regarding software, hardware, system updates, and more. The owner no longer worried about the technology aspect of the business and could instead focus on increasing the company's impact and profits. 

Case Study #3

Moving a Logistics Company Towards Lower Phone Costs

The situation: A midwest based transportation company was experiencing large phone bills at the main office from communicating with distributed employees, vendors, customers and suppliers. The old outdated phone system could no longer be repaired due to its parts no longer being available. 

The solution: The owners reached out to Vital Computing and asked for a phone system assessment.  Vital Computing's staff helped the company migrate to a new and cost-effective Ooma for Business VOIP phone system that also added many features (like voicemail to email and a mobile app for making calls from the company system while on the go) that the old system lacked.

Outcomes: The company was able to cut its monthly phone bill by over 70%. The company now has the ability send and receive phone calls from the company number regardless of the physical location of staff. The staff have access to modern phone features, and the phone system is now simpler and able to quickly expand or contract as business needs change.  

Case Study #4

Stabilize the Library's Network for Happy Patrons and Productive Staff

The situation: A public library was experiencing frequent network outages and intermittent lack of Internet access. This was causing frustration amongst patrons and staff and limiting both effectiveness and productivity of the library's staff.  

The solution: The library director reached out the Vital Computing for an assessment. The result of the assessment showed that the root causes of the network problems was multi-faceted:  old and improperly configured network equipment, improperly deployed network services, and insufficient and unreliable Internet connectivity. Vital Computing worked with the library to develop and implement a 2-year plan of action to redesign the network, replace the outdated network gear, upgrade the Internet service, and plan for regular network upgrades and equipment replacements going forward.

Outcomes: The library's patrons were able better access and use library services. Patron utilization of the library's public wifi increased significantly. Library staff were able to quickly and reliably access resources to assist library patons. Fast and reliable Internet access meant staff spent less time doing data entry into cloud systems and were able to spend more time directly assisting patrons and providing library services to the public.