Vaughn's Computer House Calls LLC (VCHC) was created in 2000 by Vaughn L. Reid III to provide a high quality, to-your-doorstep, full-service, technology solutions company that caters to the unique computer and networking needs of home and small business users, with a special emphasis on businesses in the not-for-profit and library and education industry segments in East Central Indiana. VCHC became a limited liability company in 2005. We provide technology services and products with technical competence, affordability, and integrity.

After graduating from Ball State University, Vaughn worked for several years at not-for-profit organizations in New Castle and Muncie, Indiana. He honed his initial technical skills during the year 2000 technology boom by working on the rapidly growing technology infrastructures of the organizations at which he was working. He quickly learned that many technology companies didn't understand the unique challenges facing small business and not-for-profit communities, so Vaughn decided to create a company that would address these needs. With that determination, Vaughn's Computer House Calls was born!

Over the years, we have worked to establish partnerships with technology industry leaders like Cisco, Lenovo, AVG, Netgear, and others to allow us to provide excellent services and products to our customers. We use these partnerships to provide customers with high quality solutions that meet their business needs while staying within their budgets.

Today, through our industry partnerships, information technology certifications, years of experience working with our customer base, and leveraging modern information technology tools including a full managed services infrastructure and modern cloud computing concepts, we are able to provide our customers with excellent services and products that allow them to utilize their technology assets to be able to better meet their business needs and better serve their customers, clients, and constituents.


Our mission at Vaughn's Computer House Calls LLC is to provide quality, to-your-door technology services and products to residential and small business customers with an emphasis on the not-for-profit, library, and education industry segments.


At Vaughn's Computer House Calls, we adhere to a set of core values to allow us to provide our customers with dependable service and quality hardware and software solutions:
  • We believe in providing our customers with honest, ethical, and professional service
  • We believe in providing our customers with top-quality products in an affordable way
  • We believe in creating long-term relationships with our customers to help us better understand and meet their needs

Let's talk

If you are looking for information technology services or products for your home, small business, not-for-profit, school, or library, please use the information on our contact page to get in touch. We would love to talk with you about how we can help your organization use its technology to better meet your needs and help you more effectively implement your mission.